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We offer ash scattering services for Human Cremains and Pets.


CertificateBurial at sea has been a custom practiced throughout history by many civilizations.It is a timeless ritual that provides for a dignified, simple service in a spiritual comforting setting. Today the dissemination of
cremains at sea is a modern continuation of this timeless tradition and is endorsed by state and federal governments as well as environmentalists.


Your captain and crew conduct a dignified, caring, memorial  service in Galveston Bay. The services may be attended or unattended. A commemorative nautical certificate stating the loved one's name, date, and exact GPS latitude and longitude of the ceremony and loved one's final resting place is provided. SGB / Sunset Sea Burials guarantees you a professional, affordable memorial service and burial at sea for your loved one. SGB / Sunset Sea Burials files all the necessary required paperwork. SGB / Sunset Sea Burials accepts cremains from around the world for burial at sea.

UNATTENDED:  If you, family, or friends are unable to attend or choose not to attend, Sunset Sea Burials captain and crew will respectfully conduct a dignified memorial service on your behalf. Any special requested prayers, poems or readings will be conducted for you. You may also attend the service via cell phone. Complimentary digital pictures of the service will be provided. Video, wreaths, flowers, or flower petals available for additional charge.

Rates for this service: $225.00

ATTENDED SERVICES: Family and/or friends will depart from Kemah, Texas for burials on Galveston Bay, Texas. We will motor out to the bay where the engine will be shut down. The sails will then be hoisted and we will gently sail out to sea. Once we reach our destination a memorial service of your choice and style will be held. After conclusion of the ceremony we then sail back to port with the entire proceedings lasting approximately hours.You are welcome to bring your own music on CD and it will be played for you. You may also choose to bring any type of alcoholic beverage.Complimentary soft drinks and water are provided. Complimentary digital pictures of the service will be provided. Video, wreaths / flowers, or flower petals available for additional charge. You may choose the time of day for the service: morning, afternoon, or a serene sunset service.
There is a maximum of six (6) guests that may attend.

Rates for this service: $499.00

Please contact Sail Galveston Bay Charters / Sunset Sea Burials
for information on Ash Scattering Services.

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